I offer a wide range of language services – translation and interpretation, proofreading, escort interpreting and assistance and much more.

I also offer customer support including:

  • selection of the appropriate interpreting mode
  • selection of interpreters and professional equipment
  • event support
  • cost optimisation.

I know the industry and the people who work in it. Apart from interpreting, I will also be happy to order technical equipment and contact interpreters working in other languages.

I guarantee full confidentiality and respect of international standards.

I work in: PL EN FR,

and I can contact interpreters of other languages.

I work without borders – in Poznań, Poland, in Europe and in the whole world… including online.

Personalised service

You don’t know whether simultaneous or consecutive interpreting is best for your event? – I will help you determine that in a short interview.


Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is performed in a booth and is delivered to recipients’ headsets in real time. It requires special skills and preparation at the highest level.


Tour Guide

Simultaneous interpretation using portable headsets, delivered to the audience’s headphones in real time. Sometimes used interchangeably with the booth at indoor events with small audiences.


Whispered interpreting

Interpreting simultaneously into the ear of the recipient. It can be combined with consecutive interpreting – eg. when there is only one foreign-language speaker (see Consecutive).


Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter takes the floor interchangeably with the speaker, interpreting after a few sentences or a few minutes. No special equipment (apart from a microphone) is needed.


Escort interpreting

Combining organisational and logistical support for a foreign client with interpretation (usually whispered or consecutive). Apart from the interpreting itself (e.g. during trade fairs or sightseeing), I also offer assistance with various formalities, booking accommodation or getting to know Polish culture and customs upon arrival.

Remote interpreting

Remote interpreting has been used more often since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic. It is usually done online through video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Skype or Google Meet, or in special hubs.


I offer translation from English and French in many fields. I can also help you find translators specialising in other languages and fields, as well as certified translators.